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An introduction to SEO by Business Karma Marketing

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

In this post we will explain the basic terminology of S.E.O. i.e. Search Engine Optimization
Customer life time value

Customer Lifetime Value – A critical metric to know!

Customer Lifetime value is a critical business metric that every company should measure and track. It can be a strong indicator of the health of a business. Let us start by understanding the definitions of some key metrics from a business point of view. We will also take an example to calculate customer lifetime value, post defining the terminologies.
Content Writing Services

How content marketing can help in customer engagement and lead generation?

Does content marketing results into - increase website traffic, inbound leads and brand outreach? The answer is, YES.
Why to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency Blog

5 Compelling Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency helps you with content marketing strategies, provide social media management services, runs paid advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, and help you understand the analytics. All these together will ensure higher brand visibility and growing sales funnel.
Unified Marketing Strategies

Importance of creating Unified Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital transformation in the field of marketing is attributed to creating a Digital First mindset. Every brand should have a winning strategies to create and sustain an online brand image.
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