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Blog article on DLT registration process

DLT registration process with SmartPing – Videocon

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How Mobile Marketing Helps in Generating Leads and Increasing Sales

Mobile Marketing empowers brands to

^ Target Right User Persona's
^ Improve Customer retention and thus repeat purchases
^ Increase Bottom Line
Exhibition Marketing blog

How to drive more footfalls at Exhibition?

Mobile Marketing: how gift exhibition company achieved higher footfalls for its exhibition in Aug, 2018. Objectives:
1. Identifying Correct Data Points for Promotion
2. Deciding Right Marketing Channel Mix
3. Optimizing Marketing Budget
AI in marketing blog

How AI is changing the Mobile and Digital Marketing World

AI is shaking up the worlds of both traditional and digital marketing. t can help brands understand their customers better and improve their customer interactions. It can automate and personalize user experiences and convert ‘prospects’ into ‘customers’
voice broadcast blog

Voice Broadcast Is A Great Marketing Tool for a B2C Business. Here are 5 Ways!

Voice messages feel more personal than mass emails or SMS. Hearing a voice on the other end – even if it’s a recorded call – increases the chances that customers will listen to your marketing message and respond positively.
missed call service blog

Six Benefits of Missed Call Number Service for SME

Success of Today's Smart Businesses largely depends on its ability to offer consistent and hassle-free communication. With Missed call alert allows Your Customer To Connect with You for FREE.