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Hardik shah has won the award for "25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leader"
Hardik Shah has won the Award – “25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders”

To protect the privacy of mobile phone users in India and protect them from unsolicited and fraudulent calls and messages, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has introduced a blockchain technology in the form of DLT platform.

Yeah DLT, DLT kya hai?

DLT is an acronym for Distributed Ledger Technology. It is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps all the record of transactions made by enterprises or network participants. Any entity who wish to operate Telecom business or wish to send SMS to Indian mobile numbers need to register with the portal. At present 4 telecom operators are allowed to manage the registration process viz. Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea and SmartPing (videocon). In this article we will learn the DLT registration process on SmartPing portal by Videocon.

Entity registration with SmartPing.

The very first step is to set up an account on SmartPing. visit this link (the link will open only in Chrome and Mozilla browser).

For new entity registration follow this step,
-> Click on New DLT Registration
-> Select 'INDIAN' and then click on 'Next'
-> Select 'New Registration'. Filled in all the details here and submit the form. As per the company type like Pvt. Ltd. / Proprietorship Firm etc. different set of documents are require to complete the sign up process. For any help here, call our Support Helpline number +919082625201.

Header / Sender ID registration on SmartPing portal.

After login to SmartPing portal, from the Left side Menu click on 'Header' section then select on 'New Header' and complete the process. Before applying for a new header in case you wish to know whether the sender id is available, you can enter the value in Sender Id box and click on' Check Availability'.

Template registration process on Videocon's SmartPing portal.

As per TRAI's guidelines before sending any SMS text for commercial purposes or brand related updates, all the business entities needs to get it approved on the DLT portal. The process is very simple, you need to filled in the details at 'Template' -> 'Add Template".
Some important thins to note here are, in case you are planning to send SMS with Variable Values then after updating the test in Message Box, you are required to replace the {#var#} with actual text content before submitting the application.
For instance, if the sample text is
The one time OTP is {#var#}. The OTP is valid for 15 minutes. Thank You, Business Karma Marketing.
In "Sample Content" window, above message needs to be edited with actual value for variable text; The one time OTP is AV1243 . The OTP is valid for 15 minutes. Thank You, Business Karma Marketing.

Consent Template registration process on Videocon's SmartPing portal.

Consent Template is created to acquire prior consent from the users by a Brand to send commercial communication to them related to Service or Promotion of Product/Services subscribed by the users.

If you have any doubt or in case you face any difficulty while fulfilling the DLT process, you can contact our Mobile Marketing Support Helpline at +919082625201 or send an email at

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