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Appointment Reminders to Patients

Forgetfulness is the number one reason for missed appointments. How SMS text reminders can help? Here’s the short and quick of why texting is the best way to reach patients with appointment reminders.

Using texting allows you to:
- Reach patients immediately with important reminders
- Send automated follow-ups when they confirm or want to reschedule
- Easily personalize the message with details like your patient’s name, making it less likely for them to ignore your message

But before sending reminders and other important notifications, clinics and hospitals must collect opt_in from the patients. Following are some easy ways to collect opt_in to send text notification.

1. Online forms: if patient is requesting or scheduling an appointment online, add the disruption before the 'SUBMIT" button as, "I will like to recieve appointment reminders, feedback and other important notifications via text, robo call an email."

2. Phone calls: if the appointment has been booked over the phone, clinic can still collect the opt_in by using Business Karma's voice call solutions. A pre recorded call with option to opt_in to reminder text by selecting key during the incoming robo call.

3. Auto Reply SMS: in case the patient has already walk into the center, medical healthcare center can get the Opt_in udi.g Business Karma's two way

4. Email Forms: Email marketing software like SendInBlue and others allow to insert a small form to get an updated information from the users. For instance, a form suggesting, how do you want us to send important notifications to you - SMS, Email, Call?

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