What is Rich Communication Services (RCS) message?

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RCS or Rich Communication Services (Chat for short) is a new messaging protocol intended as a replacement to good old SMS (Short Messaging Service) and MMS (Multi Media Messaging) on Android.

RCS packs richer features, including many of those available in instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

Following are the unique features of RCS

  • Branded Messages - Messages send using RCS protocols displays brand logo, brand name (no more restriction of 6 character long alpha sender ID) and includes primary contact details like website address, email id and contact number.
  • Rich Media - It allows attaching multiple images (carousel) and video to the text message.
  • Interactive Call to Action Buttons - Add reply to buttons like, Talk To Agent, Download App, View On Map, Unsubscribe etc.
  • Better Insights - Our platform offer interesting brand metrics like message read receipts with exact time stamp, mobile number wise data like clicks, and more.
  • SMS Backup - Users who does not have Google Messaging App to receive RCS messages can still be contacted with SMS, as most application allows sending normal Text SMS as a fallback to RCS messaging
  • As on date, RCS messages are only accepted on Android devices. We're awaiting an update on when Apple will implement the RCS business messages.

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