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An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
an introduction to Search Engine Optimization
What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Open community to conduct Live Audio Conversations.. On Twitter now you can tweet as we all as Talk. Spaces allow an open and unfiltered discussions on any and every topic with hundred to millions of people in the one space :).

Twitter describes Spaces as a "place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter, your Twitter community"

Live Spaces appears on top of the timeline, making it easy to join. The Space creator can control who will speak and when. On top of all this, you can tweet inside the space as well, just like sipping your coke with Mc'Aloo tikki :)

After the great success of clubhouse and now twitter spaces; Live Conversations is a emerging as a new way to connect with followers and build online community! It will be interesting to see, how soon other social media come out with similar feature - of late all the social media has become a homogeneous apps. Just curious, how Google and Alexa will use this to their advantage (smart speaker)!

Hardik Shah

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Hardik is a Marketer by Passion and Salesman by Profession. He is a father to a lovely daughter and husband to a lawyer wife.

With an aim to help the fellow marketer and the existing customers of Business Karma about the various marketing topics, Hardik has started with ‘Marketing Journals’.
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