Voice Broadcasting Service Features

Brands and Political Leaders used voice broadcasting Service or outbound dialing (OBD) service to send pre-recorded voice messages to large audience. Business Karma offers an online application to manage large volume robo calls, also provides an interactive application to captured data of Call Respondents (Key Press 1/2).

Voice Caller ID

Unique and customizable caller ID helps in improving the conversion and engagement rate.

High Throughput

Our system is capable of managing large volume of concurrent calls.

Campaign Report

Get a detailed report on call connection, rejection and key press.

Plan Ahead

Scheduled campaign for a future day & time. Also rescheduled campaign on failed numbers.

Web Application

A cloud-based application that can be access from anywhere, anytime to manage campaign.

Flexible Pricing

On the answered calls are charged. The credits for failed calls are refunded.

How Voice Broadcasting Service Works

We provide cloud-based Outbound Dialing system (OBD). Client does not have to invest in hardware, they can simply subscribe to our services and send campaigns using our web applications. 

Import Contacts

Simply upload the excel file to our system or copy/paste mobile numbers in the data field.

Scheduled Campaign

After uploading an audio file, with one click you can send / scheduled voice campaigns.

Reports & Analysis

Reports are generally prepared in couple of hours. Download Call logs data.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions about Voice Broadcasting serviecs
What are call charges?

Voice call messages are charged on pulse basis. One pulse is equivalent to 30 seconds. Pricing for 30 second pulse starts from 27 Paisa (INR) plus GST.

Is there any campaign guidelines?

Generally voice campaigns are quite easy to operate. However, one must know how the calls are calculated – for instance 1 seconds each is deducted for call connections and disconnections, as such the ideal length of the simple audio file must be less than 27 seconds.

How can I automate campaign ?

We provide an online application to design end-to-end call flow, starting from desired action on keypress 1/2 to follow up actions on answered calls – SMS or connect to call agent.

What are the use cases of voice broadcasting service?

In India, voice broadcast dialer is a favorite marketing tool for B2B companies and politician. However, brands across sectors like Education, Healthcare, Financial Services and Automobile used OBD services to send promotional as well as transactional notifications.