An introduction to Webinar Marketing

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Webinar is a combination of 2 words Web and Seminar.

Traditional webinar used to consist of a host, a subject matter expert, a digital presentation followed by a live Q&A.

Types of Webinar
1. Product specific webinars
2. Webinars that addresses audience pain points and educating them how to resolve it

Webinars provide numerous digital marketing touch points to generate interest and quality leads.

For example, you can:
- drive pre-campaign interest with social media and email marketing
- promote your real-time digital event via search and social advertising
- reuse the presentation to create high-quality blog content
- post-event emails and social messaging to watch the webinar on-demand

Webinar Marketing Questionnaire

. What are the primary objective of conducting a webinar? what are you planning to sell?

. Are these Paid Webinars? If yes, what will be the charges?

. What is the profile of the target audiences?

. How soon are you planning to launch the webinars?

. Do you have the website / landing pages ready for these project?

Hardik Shah

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Hardik is a Marketer by Passion and Salesman by Profession. He is a father to a lovely daughter and husband to a lawyer wife.

With an aim to help the fellow marketer and the existing customers of Business Karma about the various marketing topics, Hardik has started with ‘Marketing Journals’.
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