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Key SEO Metrics

The three primary social media marketing metric to follow are,

1. Engagement
2. Reach
3. Leads

1. Engagement: Engagement measures the popularity and acceptance of the social media updates within the target community.
. Clicks
. Likes
. Share
. Comments
. Brands mentioned

2. Reach: It indicates how far your message is actually traveling -- how many eyes it's getting in front of.
. Followers or fans
. Impressions
. Website traffic

3. Leads: it can be define as MQL-Marketing Qualified Leads and SQL-Sales Qualified Leads. The purpose of social media marketing is to increase the MQL. MQL can be defined as a prospect who has he authority and budget to purchase your offerings.

Hardik Shah

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Hardik is the Founder & CEO of Business Karma Marketing. He is a Marketer by Passion and Salesman by Profession. A father to a lovely daughter and husband to a lawyer wife.

With an aim to help the fellow marketer and the existing customers of Business Karma about the various marketing topics, Hardik has started with ‘Marketing Journals’.
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