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CocoonIT services awards its digital marketing mandate to Business Karma Marketing

The digital marketing mandate for CIT has been given to Business Karma - a global marketing agency. The agency will aim to increase the brand visibility across digital channels by creating data driven narrative. Furthermore it will curate content that gets the attention of the future customers with a purpose to enhance brand image and to generate inbound leads.

Ritesh Pandey, Co-founder of CocoonIT Services said, "We are excited about this partnership. Business Karma has established itself as a leading mobile and digital marketing company. With this association, we aim to create effective digital content that entice engagements and become catalyst in generating our customers trust in CIT as a 'Trusted IT Consulting and Managed Cloud Partner' that offers range of solutions powered by Microsoft."

Hardik Shah, CEO of Business Karma, said CocoonIT Services is a Microsoft Gold Partner that has army of certified and seasoned professionals. Through this association our focus will be on creating multiple engagements between the brand and the prospects, brand awareness and business growth will be an indicator and efficacy of this partnership."

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