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Features of rich communication Services
What is Rich Communication Services (RCS) message?

If you are wondering is it the same Club House! The plain answer is, Yes. As the followers of Clubhouse are reducing everyday the acceptance for Twitter spaces and Facebook Live Audio rooms have increased manifold.

The audio social presents a new opportunity for engagement and offers an alternative ways for people (social users) to share content and interact with each other. All verified public figures, creators and group owners / moderators can host the Live Audio Rooms.

The Top Facebook Live Audio Rooms features are
  • 'Raised hand' to request to speak
  • Live captions
  • Invite speaker/s before the live session or during the live stream
  • One session accommodate up to 50 speakers and an unlimited number of listeners
  • "like" or react to the content during live stream
  • Show support to the public figures by sending 'stars'
  • The group members can search for live audio rooms within the public and private groups. The best part of audio rooms is, you do not have to make yourself camera ready :)

    For tips on How to create Live Audio Rooms click here Live Audio Rooms Tutorial

    And for the record, Twitter is also providing a Live Audio Rooms, it's called "Twitter Spaces". Return to Marketing Journals to read about Twitter Spaces.

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