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Election is like a cricket match; it requires team efforts, fresh strategies and more importantly data driven strategies. With our Mobile Marketing strategies we have helped many individuals and groups to win election all types and sizes - club / gymkhana election, bar council election, local assembly election and state election. Following are few critical inputs to form a winning election strategies.

1. Understanding the Importance of perception in politics
2. Knowledge of quick communication channels like SMS and Voice calls
3. Social listening: real time update on the sentiments at the ground level and channels to counter the negative narratives
4. Plan offensive campaign in creative way to reduce the impact of opposition's campaigns and manifesto
5. Creating wave at booth level, this needs strong on field operations

Due to covid19 there are restrictions on political rallies which has further increase the importance of mobile and digital marketing. Mobile marketing is the best solution to reach out to masses in rural and semi urban areas and to engage with youth across the region. Some of the popular mobile marketing services are,

1. Missed Call Service: A National Party in India was recently in news to become the Largest Political Party in the world in terms of registered members. One of the key tool used to achieve this unique status is Missed Call Number service. Political party has this drive large scale registration campaign by encouraging voters to give a missed call, followed by an sms text to complete the registration online.

2. WhatsApp Messages: A picture is worth a thousand words - keeping this philosophy in mind, parties across the landscape have used bulk WhatsApp services to promote their propaganda in the form of images and short videos.

SMS and Voice Broadcast: Sending test messages in a regional languages was a big hit during the 2018 General Election in India. During 2014, a National Party from India has used Voice Broadcast / Outbound dialer service in a very innovative way to win the hearts of voters.

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