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Social Media Marketing Metrics

Social Media Marketing Goals

The key metrics to track for any social media marketing activities are reach, engagement and leads.
An introduction to SEO by Business Karma Marketing

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

In this post we will explain the basic terminology of S.E.O. i.e. Search Engine Optimization
CocoonIT services awards its digital marketing mandate to Business Karma Marketing.

CocoonIT services awards its digital marketing mandate to Business Karma Marketing

The digital marketing mandate for CIT has been given to Business Karma - a global marketing agency. The agency will aim to increase the brand visibility across digital channels by creating data driven narrative. Furthermore it will curate content that gets the attention of the future customers.
Press release about change in the company name

Notice of the change in company name

Change in company name, Business Karma Solutions LLP has been changed to Business Karma Marketing Private Limited.
Business Karma has won the digital marketing mandate for Softype

Business Karma Marketing has won the Digital Marketing mandate for Softype,Inc.

Softype has always been breaking stereotypes and we look forward to communicating our mission and skillset. We are confident that the digital outreach campaigns that the company is undertaking, will help us build a more engaging narrative around our work.
Customer life time value

Customer Lifetime Value – A critical metric to know!

Customer Lifetime value is a critical business metric that every company should measure and track. It can be a strong indicator of the health of a business. Let us start by understanding the definitions of some key metrics from a business point of view. We will also take an example to calculate customer lifetime value, post defining the terminologies.
Hardik shah has won the award for "25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leader"

Hardik Shah has won the Award – “25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders”

We are excited to share that our Founder, CEO Mr.Hardik Shah has been awarded as one of the "25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders" by 'World Marketing Congress' during the event "Mobile and Digital Marketing Summit 2019" help at hotel Taj Lands End, Mumbai.
Blog article on DLT registration process

DLT registration process with SmartPing – Videocon

DLT is an acronym for Distributed Ledger Technology. Any entity who wish to operate Telecom business or wish to send SMS to Indian mobile numbers need to register with the portal.
Content Writing Services

How content marketing can help in customer engagement and lead generation?

Does content marketing results into - increase website traffic, inbound leads and brand outreach? The answer is, YES.
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