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Unified Marketing Strategies

In the modern age, organisations can’t afford to ignore the branding opportunities offered by the digital space. A brand that communicates its values through its digital presence can deliver a better brand experience to the user. Thus, as the world moves increasingly online, a brand’s digital presence often determines the strength of its equity, reputation and recall value.

So why should a brand develop a strong presence across multiple digital channels, including

1) Website and blog

2) Instant messaging

3) Mobile apps

4) Social media

Here are 5 Critical Reasons to Create Strong Brand Presence in the Digital Space

1. Today’s consumers ‘live’ online

Millions of people today spend more than half their waking lives immersed in digital channels, often to engage with brands. This means that consumers expect brands to have a strong digital presence. Brands that do this can ensure that they are visible to prospects. More importantly, it enables them to engage and delight their target audience in ways their competitors can’t.

2. The control has shifted to the buyer

Today’s consumer does not passively wait for information on his ‘buyer journey’. Rather he uses digital media to actively seek out brands and engage with them. Through websites, blogs, social media reviews, etc, consumers now have the power to research their options and make buying decisions. Thus, we now live in the age of the buyer, not the seller. A brand that does not recognise this cannot expect to live very long.

3. Digitalisation enhances the customer experience

Today's customer often reaches out to a brand through its website or social media page to initiate conversations, provide feedback or resolve a problem. He also expects to get a quick response. A brand that fails in this area risks losing these customers’ attention and patronage, often forever.

Conversely, a brand that stays on top of the digital game in a dynamic way will have following benifits:

1) Great online brand reputation

2) Customer engagement

3) Customer Loyalty

4)Better conversions

4. Targeted marketing for better and more measurable returns

Unlike traditional marketing, digital makes it possible for a brand to create a strong user persona. It also helps to target them with personalized marketing and even ‘re-marketing’ (re-targeting) campaigns. Through personalised content, offers, etc, brands can get better returns on their marketing spends. And with online tools like Google Analytics, they can measure the outcomes of their campaigns and make dynamic changes for better future results.

5. Digital branding makes flexibility and agility possible

As technology-led customer behaviors change rapidly, brands need to be more flexible in how they create and maintain their digital presence.

They need to run:

1) Social Media Optimization campaigns

2) Create mobile-friendly Search Engine Optimized websites

3) Incorporate hashtags, tagging (pixels) and link-building

All these included in their Digital Marketing strategy. If they to do this, they will be able to keep up with the change necessitated by new technologies and patterns of use.

Thus, a holistic ‘Digital First’ approach can mean the difference between success and failure in the modern age.